Montblanc Corporate Gift Pens Johannesburg

Montblanc Corporate Gift Pens Johannesburg South Africa- A beautiful pen option, absolutely perfect for corporate gifting, the sleek and sophisticated Montblanc Cruise Pen is a brilliant, comfortable writing piece that is a very popular executive gift and a much sought after pen option. A truly meaningful gift for any executive client, this is a writing piece that is the symbol of excellence in the corporate world- something sure to be shown off every day of the year.

3 Reasons why this is a brilliant client gift

  1. Black precious resin barrel
  2. Platinum plated clips and trim
  3. Fantastic twist mechanism

The Monblanc Cruise Pen is a brilliant pen for a memorable client gift, an item not soon forgotten this is one of the best and most popular pens in the world. With a beautifully branded Montblanc gift box and world renowned writing comfort, this is the pen to whip out when signing new clients or impressing the staff. Not available in shops, this is a premium item available from Brand Innovation.

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